So, all the contents links are working well. Each page has its own table. I was hoping to have some more stories up, but I went to the movies with a friend instead (Imposter: brilliant!)

I’ve found some more stories – if nothing else, this site has been a great boot in the rear for me to find all the bit’s of writing I’ve done over the years. But I can add a little flashfic of 150 words. The first sentence was the prompt we were given. I have fixed the contents and added a story, I am content.

Donald wore his striped pyjamas to work. He raised an eyebrow in casual greeting when he met Steve at the lifts. Swimming trunks hitched up in one hand, Steve fished for the waist cord with the other.

“Morning boys.” Mona said, sashaying past in a sports bra and G-string.
“Looking good, Mona. Have you been working out?” Donald asked with a grin.
Giggling shook the many layers of Mona.

Steven rescued and tied his trunks before the lift opened beside Brenda’s cubicle. She wasn’t wearing a sports bra and g-string, Donald noted with the usual disappointment. Her trim figure huddled beneath the folds of a voluminous caftan.

It was awkward at morning tea time. Nigel was complaining about the air conditioning. He couldn’t find a comfortable place to sit. No-one wanted any chair that had supported his naked buttocks.

Donald sighed and looked at Steven with resignation. “Ever think we’re taking casual Fridays just a bit too far?”

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Codes and Codependency

I’ve been adding tables of contents, since I’ve added ooh more than a half-dozen stories. The coding was supposed to be so very simple, but of course is turning into a html horror show. I’ve also got a couple more stories in mind to add, but for some reason the kid thinks I should be feeding her instead. Righto, since I value the endless cups of tea, it’s break time. Sorry for the links that don’t work and even more for the links that look like they should, but still don’t work.

I will have them all working properly shortly* and then we’ll celebrate with cake! What flavour are you making?

*Whatever value of ‘shortly’ takes in the rest of the weekend or time until next post.

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More Cake!

More Cake!.

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More Cake!

The cake is not a lie! Not just a Portal reference, but my kid’s birthday and a thankyou to a family friend. Now, go read the new story in Quick Reads and let me go start baking.

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The end of a busy week. It’s involved lots of cake and responsibilty, in just the right balance. Actually, there was an excess of cake, so I win!

I knew exactly which story I wanted to add today. It was going to require a new page and as soon as I search the depths and drives of every possible ‘safe’ place I could’ve saved the file, I’ll do that very thing.

But while I while I was looking, I found the story about Cheeky and had to add it to the ‘Real Life’ page. Cheeky the chicken was our pet when I was about eight or nine years old. Dad brought home quite a few interesting things from his job at the airport, none of them quite like Cheeky the chook.

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New Page Added

I recently rediscovered a whole bunch of writing I did while in a group a few years back. We were meant to be creating a sort of family history, but my writing never quite worked out that way. I’m calling the new page Real Life or Close To It.

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Another Sunday Night

… and another story in the Quick Reads page. A gorgeous summer day down this end of the planet. I made bean dip and ginger biscuits. We did not eat them together, because that would just be wrong,

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