I have been writing for as long as I can remember. As a toddler, I filled books of drawing paper with scrawled crayon lines, growing ever more frustrated that I couldn’t read the stories back the same each time. This site doesn’t contain everything I’ve written, just the bits I felt like sharing.


Title                                          Genre         Written            Added               Page

A Family Gathering                General       2011                    Mar 2013           Waiwari

Hope Duncan says goodbye to the grandfather she just met, and hello to someone else.

All at Sea                                  Adventure  2012                    Jan 2013           Waiwari

When Billy and Greg decide to take a day off school, nothing ends up quite as it should be,

Business and Pleasure        Fantasy        2011                    Jan 2013            Quick Reads

Rebecca is entertaining a guest at her retirement villa, their little game could have deadly consequences for someone.

Cheeky                                      Family          2002                   Feb 2013            Real Life

Not many people in our 1970’s urban neighbourhood had a pet chicken, there was our family and… well, that was it really.

Flock Together                        General        2006                    Jan 2013           Waiwari

The origin story of Waiwari, before Tui was Samoan/Irish, before Rob was a local builder, even before Bill had a best mate called Greg. This was where the place itself was born and that much hasn’t changed at all.

Taking Flight                          General        2012                    Jan 2013            Quick Reads

Having renovation work done to her house, Samantha begins to remember her dreams of flying and why she lost them.

The Music Man                      Fantasy       2012                    Feb 2013            Quick Reads

In Soviet era Russia, music can play you.

The Wallet                                Family       2004                     Feb 2013            Real life

Doing a good deed and being suitably punished.

Tick Tock                                 General      2013                             Apr 2013 Quick Reads

Byron’s life runs like clockwork, until his wife goes shopping.

Trespass                                 Mystery      2012                    Feb 2013            Quick Reads

There’s been dark doings at the Manor House. Father Gerald arrives to set things right.

With One Stone                      Mystery      2008                   Feb 2013            Quick Reads

A loving homage to Agatha Christie. The Butler most definitely did not do it.


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