So, all the contents links are working well. Each page has its own table. I was hoping to have some more stories up, but I went to the movies with a friend instead (Imposter: brilliant!)

I’ve found some more stories – if nothing else, this site has been a great boot in the rear for me to find all the bit’s of writing I’ve done over the years. But I can add a little flashfic of 150 words. The first sentence was the prompt we were given. I have fixed the contents and added a story, I am content.

Donald wore his striped pyjamas to work. He raised an eyebrow in casual greeting when he met Steve at the lifts. Swimming trunks hitched up in one hand, Steve fished for the waist cord with the other.

“Morning boys.” Mona said, sashaying past in a sports bra and G-string.
“Looking good, Mona. Have you been working out?” Donald asked with a grin.
Giggling shook the many layers of Mona.

Steven rescued and tied his trunks before the lift opened beside Brenda’s cubicle. She wasn’t wearing a sports bra and g-string, Donald noted with the usual disappointment. Her trim figure huddled beneath the folds of a voluminous caftan.

It was awkward at morning tea time. Nigel was complaining about the air conditioning. He couldn’t find a comfortable place to sit. No-one wanted any chair that had supported his naked buttocks.

Donald sighed and looked at Steven with resignation. “Ever think we’re taking casual Fridays just a bit too far?”

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